CO-FAB Workshop 2020

Design Central hosted Form5 Prosthetics annual CO-FAB workshop to kick off this year's process of developing custom application prosthetics for kids. Above, designer Austin Scott spends the day with a CO-FAB recipient to learn more about his prosthetic needs. 

Brunch. Distanced mingling. Sketch aerobics with Delano Ellis. It’s all in a day’s work at CO-FAB. Volunteers from Design Central, Battelle, The Ohio State University and CCAD, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Delaware, and our CO-FAB recipients started their day with these engaging activities, in person and virtually, then got to work to brainstorm ideas with designer Michael Kopczewski for custom application prosthetics. Form5 will take the results of the session through four small group sessions of collaboration and fabrication over the next few months. The groups will consider recipients' feedback along the way to ensure successful results.

All of our 2020 CO-FAB recipients are from right here in Central Ohio. They include an athletic nine-year-old with bi-lateral foot malformations looking for a prosthetic shoe to accommodate his wider foot because off the rack shoes do not fit. An eager to accel four-year-old that likes to climbs and ride everything in sight. He needs a better "grabber," a prosthesis to help him grip those handlebars to ride even faster than before. And a nine-year-old that loves animals, superheroes and sports. His new prosthesis will enable him to ride a bicycle and be a gymnast and maybe even ride horses.

The prosthetics created during CO-FAB  empower people to successfully interact with their world and their future.  Past COFAB recipients can now draw, paint and play musical instruments like the guitar and cello when they otherwise could not or would have difficulty doing so.  

The experience of working with CO-FAB is rewarding for everyone involved. Design Central Vice President of Engineering Jay Perkins found his participation in CO-FAB and their results so satisfying that he joined Form5's board of directors in 2020. Click here to learn how to participate or become a sponsor of the next CO-FAB

Stay tuned for updates and the results from CO-FAB 2020, coming this October.