Differentiating a brand in a highly competitive product landscape

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the world’s leading marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Scotts provides do-it-yourself lawn, garden and home protection products, chemicals and applicators, in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The company's principal brands are Scotts, Miracle-Gro and Ortho. In addition, Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup.

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Scotts came to Design Central to embody strategic innovation around an applicator system through an iterative development process. The Scotts Comfort wand is highly successful, selling over 50 million units. For the past decade Scotts has repeatedly relied on Design Central for excellence in product development because they value an objective, integrated resource. The working relationship between Scotts and Design Central has amassed a vast amount of manufacturing knowledge specific to the lawn and garden category.


Design Central works as an extension of the Scotts team and leverages perspectives from their wide-ranging background to positively influence programs across every Scotts product category at each point in the development process. This flexible, strategic and tactical engagement gives Scotts confidence that Design Central will provide the appropriate result required for each program.


Design Central partners with Scotts to analyze the current retail market and examine product positioning, color trends and consumer attraction for insight into what the Scotts consumer expects from new products. Consumer preference and use feedback studies such as in-home reviews of current practices and evaluation of design concepts inform the design process and give the team the feedback they need to move the project forward.


Whether it’s a tactical or strategic project, Scotts depends on Design Central as a partner in order to develop its brand. Design Central engages in design exploration, human factors and ergonomics studies, design development and more to maintain Scotts’ visual brand language across all product platforms and defend the Scotts position at the POP against constant competition, all while focusing on customer experience.


Turnkey projects. Cost reduction. Feasibility demonstration. Performance improvement. Intellectual property development. Design Central’s engineering group integrates seamlessly with the Scotts team to develop cost-effective, manufacturable solutions that deliver home, lawn and garden solutions that deliver on the Scott Miracle-Gro brand promise.