Winning back user loyalty and improving quality of life for patients worldwide

Zimmer Biomet is the market leader for tourniquet system technology and has had a dominant market share for years. When Zimmer approached Design Central, they were facing competition from products made to encroach on their market position.

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Win back user loyalty and communicate the client legacy of improving quality of life for patients worldwide.


A new visual brand strategy for Zimmer’s family of ATS tourniquets as well as an inherently intuitive-to-use line of products. 

To understand the subtleties of the workflow, the design and development team went on a research discovery mission of competitive products, including observation and interviews with medical experts to identify opportunities for improved interaction with the product and to uncover what stakeholders defined as “intuitive” and “simplicity.” This was to understand the success and shortcomings of current products.

The design team focused on creating and making consistent brand elements by developing a product architecture and configuration that supports complete blood occlusion. The inherently intuitive to use line of products maintain clean aesthetic lines that express technical sophistication, yet communicate approachability.

The new large touchscreen interface, which replaces analog controls, includes one-finger use for safe control and accident reduction, a rich system of icons and logic, a multi-language navigation system, as well as diagnostics and training applications. Product development included product architecture and design, CAD geometry and support for agency approval of the device.

Product strategy and digital user interface.

The goal was to build brand recognition by designing a new Tourniquet product form and a new digital user interface to communicate the elegant and sophisticated technological innovation associated with Client’s Personalized Pressure™ Technology. The design team, in undertaking this project had to manage awareness of surgical team and patient needs that are often in life or death situations when the tourniquet system is in use. It was important that both the product form and UX communicate professionalism, precision, safety and accuracy to the surgical team that could be dealing with these life-threatening situations.