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Current Openings

Design Central
Columbus, Ohio

Design Central is seeking a Senior Designer in VC/UX to join our team of 30+ in Columbus, Ohio. As one of the country’s leading resources for innovation, we have a fantastic opportunity for the right individual to grow professionally within our offering of VC/UX team

If you are passionate about generating creative design across a wide range of progressive clients both individually and within a team dynamic, this position is for you. The key role encompasses developing design solutions, teaming with and mentoring other members, and coordinating with clients through positive work dynamics.

The ideal individual will have a proven track record of visualizing complexity in simple, informative and engaging ways, and enjoy partnering with internal team members and clients alike. The role will also include working with Design Central’s management and the new business team to grow our VC/UX team offerings as well as implementing a range of both internal and external initiatives.


Generating design solutions, managing design projects, coordinating clients, collaborating with team members, research visualization, data visualization, motion graphics, product graphics, information graphics, GUI development, icon development.

Desired Attributes
  • 5+ years experience in VC/UX or similar areas with examples of work that demonstrates an affinity with the needs of this role.
  • A deep desire for teaming and collaborating with others, merging ideas and a genuine personality that balances humility with highly professional solutions.
  • The ability to organize, plan, lead by example and multi-task.
  • The strength of persuasive communications with the ability to articulate clearly with team members and clients.
  • A bachelors degree or higher in a related field.
Long-term success will build on:
  • Professional skills for leading and guiding others, and helping them to grow with the team.
  • Ability to expand business through partnering with our business development team.
  • Strength in spoken and written communication through proposal writing and generating web and blog content.
  • Interest in building the organization’s success and an entrepreneurial passion.

Design Central is growing nationally and globally. We partner with some of the most innovative organizations around the world that are looking to uncover opportunities for the future and the capabilities to bring them to life in the market. Our diversity of expertise and knowledge creates the highly creative and professional environment that we and our clients thrive on to produce innovation strategies and products, services and UX solutions.

Frequently ranked as one of the youngest, most progressive, growing communities in the nation, Columbus is blossoming and growing with a multi-cultural composition, great food, activities, and diverse professions. Our location gives us proximity to many locales from the Midwest to the East Coast that provides easy access and an influx of energy.

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Design Central
Program Purpose and Goals:

The internship program at Design Central is intended to expose students to the professional design and product development environment and help them understand how to apply what they learn in the educational environment into practical application. The goal is for the student to understand the integration of their education and professional expectations.

Participation Criteria:

Candidates for the program must be students enrolled in a degree-granting program in one of the following disciplines:  industrial design, mechanical engineering, visual communications, interface, ethnographic research, user experience or a like field of study.

Intern candidates are evaluated based on their portfolio, presentation skills, written skills, previous experience, scheduling availability and ability to work as an effective team member. Most program participants have junior or senior level status, as they possess the basic understanding of the profession and tend to benefit more from daily activities within the professional environment.

Students in the Intern Program may be part of a formal college cooperative education or internship program that grants academic credit for participation or a less formal program purely for experience without credit. In all cases students must have the approval of their school, college or university in order to participate.  Students need to provide Design Central with co-op/internship forms from their school or a letter from their department granting approval and indicating whether or not the student will receive academic credit for their participation.

Program Hours and Activities:

Interns are requested to work a 40-hour week if schedules allow. As education is the main focus, any classes the student is enrolled in while at Design Central will be considered and worked into the intern’s schedule if possible. The activities in which each intern participates will be based on the experience level and capabilities of that particular student, but every attempt is made to involve the student in as many types of activities as possible so that they may experience the profession as an active participant, not just an observer.

The roles and responsibilities of interns are first to observe and then to apply the knowledge they have gained to both their assignments at Design Central and their studies. Some activities include brainstorming, ideation, concept development, observational research, sketching, rendering, computer modeling, shop modeling, preparing presentation materials, project documentation and participating in team and client meetings. Other key responsibilities of the interns are to assist the design and administrative staff in daily routine procedures including documenting research, video editing, meeting reports, sourcing materials and components, production of client presentations, general organization of source materials, 3D shop activities, testing and validation or other key roles assisting the staff.

How to Apply

Submit a resume and portfolio in pdf format to

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