BetterBin Competition

NYC One Bin

BetterBin is an international design competition to reimagine the iconic New York City litter basket sponsored by the New York City Department of Sanitation, Van Alen Institute and IDSA to create a practical and efficient litter basket for New York City that reduces litter and better serves both Sanitation Workers and the public.

Design Central's entry undertook the redesign of the existing DSNY litter basket to improve functionality for sanitation workers and to reflect the spirit of New York City; all while maintaining the low cost and manufacturability of the original bin. When observing sanitation workers interacting with the bin, we noted potentially harmful motions while servicing bins that could injure sanitation workers; our expertise in human factors and user interaction led us to improve the handle design of the existing bin. The bin’s octagonal antiprism design reflects the design of the One World Trade Center, an iconic part of the post 9/11 NYC skyline. The tubular base of the One Bin creates less friction with the ground, allowing for easy dragging on concrete. Similarly, the antiprism strut design creates a structurally sound form that resists damage when dropped or emptied. The design of the One Bin is customizable, allowing for flexibility in its use context. An interchangeable octagonal ring on the top of the bin can be color-coded by borough, allowing for easy redistributing of bins that may have been removed from their original location. 

Judges from a diverse group of stakeholders from the NYC Department of Sanitation and NYC design community will select one First Place Winner in July 2019 for design development and mass production of the basket(s). For more info see: