Columbus Chamber of Commerce Retail Summit

Panel Discussion | August 6th | 2:00 P.M. | Free Virtual Event

Yes, today’s consumers may want everything delivered to their doorstep – and fast. But they do not want to destroy the world in the process. This panel brings together experts from the Ohio State University, The Clorox Company and Columbus-based consultancy Design Central, the team behind innovative packaging and product concepts for brands like Tide and Swiffer, to share insights on environmentally conscious packaging and product development that is practical for both the modern-day consumer and the brands they love. The topic will springboard into an exploration of questions around the current and evolving consumer experience, how people shop now and how packaging and products are adapting to current needs.

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Panel Moderator:
Rebekah Matheny, NCIDQ IIDA | Associate Professor Interior Design, Department of Design | The Ohio State University

Cori Rowley, IDSA | Senior Designer | Design Central
Monica Tournoux, IDSA  |Senior Designer | Design Central
Cory Fites | Associate Design Director | The Clorox Company