Design Central helps women regain confidence and femininity through design

Adult incontinence: one in three women deal with it. No one talks about it and it’s more taboo than a woman’s menstrual cycle. Current product offerings on the market deliver a product so close to diapers they virtually strip away every bit of a woman’s confidence and femininity. Design Central worked with Procter & Gamble to lay the groundwork for understanding how design can improve the lives of women emotionally and physically. We created prototypes to share with women across the globe to understand their habits, practices and emotional struggles when dealing with adult incontinence. We took the insights to P&G technologists and designed within stringent manufacturing requirements to develop the new Always Discreet Boutique underwear lineup. It’s a product that not only works well and fits great – it restores her confidence and femininity, so she can get back to her life without interruptions.