KBIS + IBS 2020 Report

The National Kitchen and Bath (KBIS) and the International Builder’s Show (IBS) in Las Vegas hosted over 90,000 design and construction professionals this year. Design Central was there to see the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Here are some notable things we saw:

  • Technology widely adopted across the industry
  • Customization that enables choice + endless options
  • Brands showcasing integrated products + more solutions for compact living
  • Energy efficiency  
  • Wellness

The bathroom has come a long way. Moen and INLY teamed up to create an aromatherapy shower that features K-Cup like capsules that plug into the showerhead to create a custom sensory experience. Also from Moen, Nebia, a million-dollar Kickstarter campaign, was turning heads with its elegant halo design and focus on efficiency. The Nebia doubles water coverage but is so efficient it halves the water use of standard showers. The Kohler Konnect by Kohler is a smart speaker that lives in the center of the showerhead. The centralized location enables the user to elevate the audio experience and engage with other connected devices in the home.

Ways to customize your home was another theme of the show. Emtek helps clients make a statement with door hardware with custom assembled knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes mixed and matched according to taste. The Marvin Skycove, which extends the homes usable space by an additional 16-20 square feet with its outward projected glass-box pre-engineered, fully-constructed seating structure, enables homeowners to extend the footprint of their home with minimal geometric aesthetic.

There were also solutions to enhance user experience, from high-end brands that focus on wellness to integrated appliances and convenience-focused solutions for water delivery. Monogram demonstrated fit and finish for integrated living themes for upscale kitchens. Elkay’s EZH2O Liv bottle-filling appliance can be installed anywhere in the home to deliver filtered, chilled water where and when you want it.

We’re excited to see what comes next for these brands and look forward to working with our clients to create consumer-focused strategies and products that redefine the industry and leave a lasting, positive impact.

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