Knot & Rope Supply introduces classic and modern decorative hardware

Modern or classic we take products wherever they need to go.

Knowing Knot & Rope Supply wanted to develop multiple new products, Design Central looked at trends in classic nautical, ultra-modern and rustic environments to inform the design process for new product inspiration. During development, two lines took on distinctly different characteristics to embody the classic and ultra-modern qualities.  And now Knot & Rope Supply has introduced two new and unique series of rope brackets in their lineup of decorative hardware. 

The new classic brackets incorporate the beautiful design elements of sailing. The post pays tribute to the mast of a sailboat, and the base is inspired by the base attachment of a dock cleat.  The fastening systems were kept simple and exposed.

The Modern Machined brackets, “hands down one of the best rope brackets you can find anywhere,” designed to have a clean ultra-precision appearance with a hidden fastener system, allow for left-and-right hand use along with any angle on a run of stairs.

Whether your product needs to live in a classic or modern environment, we are ready to go.

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