Midmark receives healthcare award

Midmark Medical

Healthcare Design Magazine and Contract Magazine in partnership with the Center for Health Design have recognized Midmark Medical with a Nightingale Award for the design of the 626 Barrier-Free Examination Chair with an Innovation Award in Patient Seating.  Design Central collaborated with Midmark to develop the 626 Barrier-Free Examination Chair to enable healthcare providers to properly position patients for blood pressure measurement and to be accessible to patients regardless of build or ability. The team was also recognized with a Silver Award in Furniture Collections for their work on the Mobile Workstation series, developed to ergonomically accommodate user heights from the 5th to the 95th percentile and improve the daily work of caregivers. Products receiving the award, named after Florence Nightingale by The Center for Health Design, are judged on criteria including contribution to a healing environment, functionality, quality, innovation, aesthetics, solutions that answer a need and more.

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