Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Design Central was in Denver recently for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Our team talked with industry insiders about the future of the outdoor retail space, shared our perspective on how manufacturers can better connect with consumers in our talk, “Becoming Human” and attended industry events. Don’t ask us what our favorite moment of the show was, that’s an impossible question to answer!

We found the outdoor industry is experiencing a sea-change in the effort to make the outdoors more attainable in the following ways:

  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – The industry is seeking to be inclusive at every level. We are excited to see an effort to help everyone spend more time outside, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.
  • Environmental Agency –We felt a sense of urgency and passion in brands’ taking ownership of their responsibility to provide and promote environmentally responsible products and activities.
  • Pairing Down – A move toward simplicity in activewear has been on the rise for some time – and the Outdoor Retailer is no stranger to this idea. Brands are making their products less niche, and more lifestyle. This concept helps consumers be more nimble, and take off on an adventure more easily.

Companies throughout the show expressed their commitment to focus on diversity and attainability in the outdoor arena, to make it a part of their culture and not just a trend. With their bold marketing and passionate, youthful energy we believe that as these brands continue to question the status quo, they will lead the way in opening the outdoors to everyone.

Our complete show review is available now. Click here to request your copy.