Valentine Research introduces next-generation radar detector

Valentine One Generation 2

The Valentine One radar detector, designed to track multiple threats, identify their location, and ignore false signals, has ranked as a top of the class of radar detector for thirty years with best-performer rankings in the market year after year.

Now, Valentine Research brings you “the best radar-seeking engine this side of the military.” The Valentine One Generation 2 is a breakthrough radar detector that outperforms even the most highly evolved version of the first generation. The V1 Gen2 features new detection tools that give it range superiority over other devices with fewer false alarms for more precise, increased detection range, even over weak signals.


The V1 Gen2 radar detector points to the threat – Ahead, Beside, or Behind. Valentine created direction finding with the original V1; now, V1 Gen2 extends that know-how. New detection tools, including new LNA technology, boosts range radically improving stealth. Unique and patented SAWD2L circuitry enables V1 Gen2 to quickly sort speed-trap radar signals from other detection systems. V1 Gen2 features a slim magnesium case, built-in Bluetooth smartphone connection ready for easy upgrades, a high contrast display, and glove-friendly controls. Design Central is proud to have been Valentine’s design and engineering partner on V1 Gen2 and throughout their thirty-year history. We congratulate Mike and the team on this milestone and are excited to be part of what comes next.

Learn more about the new Valentine One, Generation 2 security instrument on the Valentine website: