Valentine Research releases Concealed Display unit to partner with the V1 Gen2 radar detector

Valentine Research continues to modernize its offering with the release of its new V1 Gen2 Concealed Display unit. Design Central collaborated with Valentine to design and engineer the unit based on the Valentine1 Gen2 radar detector's contemporary design. The new Concealed Display partners technically and visually with V1 Gen2 to enable stealth bogey detection, moving all visual warnings to a hidden location while V1 Gen2 continues on-duty in dark mode.

The development process included innovation sessions held at Design Central with Valentine stakeholders to generate initial seed concepts focused on the V1 aesthetic for the outer case and user interface. The designers established specific development targets for the unit, such as volumetric and geometric constraints, cost targets, performance requirements, and agency requirements, which drove several conceptualization rounds. Creative design development continued with renderings, appearance models and user interface design. 

Design Central engineers performed preliminary and final engineering activities to bring the Concealed Display to life.  This included a design verification prototype, ID refinements, DFMA, engineering verification prototype, database revisions, critical engineering review, and more to approve the design for release to Valentine to initiate production activities and ensure the unit would meet expectations. The Concealed Display Gen2 visually aligns with the V2 radar detector's technology and aesthetic. Learn more about the Concealed Display Gen2: