Whole-home freshening with Airia

Airia is a new, high-tech air freshening device from P&G that provides a brand new way to deliver a consistently fresh scent to any room in your home. Airia’s modern yet understated look was designed to blend inconspicuously into any décor, so only you know it’s there. Design Central worked with P&G to develop an authentic, curated scent experience using new, higher quality scent refills and designed Airia for the upscale market with fashion-forward colors, materials and finishes in order to create a product that elevates consumer desirability at the point of purchase.

Airia’s revolutionary thermal scent-jet release technology releases scents in a way that defies gravity, making Airia a more effective freshener and making your experience more enjoyable. You can control Airia’s scent levels, change out refills, recharge the portable base and adjust color settings to set the mood in any room, all with Airia’s convenient app. Learn more about Airia here: