Design integrates workflow and tools to achieve better healthcare outcomes

As a leader in seamlessly integrating the clinical space, Midmark’s focus has been to create solutions to enhance the healthcare experience. As large healthcare systems grow more prominent, standardization of practices, such as vitals acquisition, becomes increasingly difficult. Midmark recognized an opportunity to harmonize the clinical space and partnered with Design Central to develop IQvitals Zone, a solution that supports efficient point-of-care workflow, practice standardization, time savings, and patient satisfaction.

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Objective: Improve vitals acquisition processes to eliminate errors, reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes

Research reveals opportunities for more efficient workflow and improved care exchange

Midmark and Design Central partnered to study vitals acquisition and the interaction between patients and caregivers to get deeper insights into the efficiencies in exam workflow models. Detailed time studies of over 650 interactions across the United States examined efficiencies in exam workflow models. The research revealed that the vitals process had not changed in thirty years and that consistency in data entry of vitals across sites was drastically different. This human error affected outcomes plus, connecting to IT systems each time the clinician entered a patient room wasted time and money. There was a huge opportunity to balance technology, connectivity, and workflow with the design of a product to align the process of acquisition and translation of patient data into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Design improves vitals outcomes in the clinical setting

Design Central focused on the user and workflow when developing the IQvitals product. Versatility is a crucial component of the system. The product had to support users on-the-go activity and movement between patient rooms or remain stationary and connect to their technology. The design process included concept ideation, CAD models, renderings, and prototypes to create the compact IQvitals wireless monitor with fixed and mobile unit options. The small flat work surface enables users to import data into the EMR from a single pane of glass on the IQvitals monitor or wirelessly via laptops or tablets. The mobile unit allows users to move effortlessly from patient to patient within the Midmark Zone™. In this multi-function system, products work together to reduce the vitals footprint, increase accuracy, save time and enhance the healthcare experience.