Established in 1993 in Chino, CA, Nexgrill manufactures quality outdoor cooking products at competitive prices for the North American and international markets. Nexgrill is committed to making outdoor cooking accessible to everyone and wanted to develop a user-friendly and easy-to-clean grill platform to elevate the outdoor cooking experience. Design Central partnered with Nexgrill to bring a new perspective to its griddle platform. The result is the Daytona Propane Gas Griddle series.

  • Nexgrill Industries, Inc.
  • Consumer
  • Product Design
  • User Experience

Objective: Bring a unique perspective to outdoor cooking by developing a user-focused griddle platform

Features increase function and cleanability

Design Central worked with Nexgrill to gain insight into collective and unique goals for the project. Quick concept generation explored the visual and functional attributes of the griddle platform to create concepts for further development. Concept refinement included improving knob visibility, minimizing potential grease spatter on the control panel with multiple grease drains, and moving hard-to-access grease cups from the back to the front of the unit via dual-access drawers to make cleanup quick and easy. Additional features include a heavy-duty lid, push handle, towel bar, lift-out caddies with carrying handles, and a paper towel holder with a tear strip.

Renderings assist in production

Design Central developed the final concepts into 3D files to represent the griddle platform's final visual and functional conceptual target. Detailed views illustrated the scale and proportion of the products and assisted the Nexgrill team in preparing manufacturing files for production.