Swiffer Duster packaging gets a sustainable redesign

P&G is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 across its operations and supply chain. One component of this plan focuses on reducing plastic content in P&G products and packaging by designing recyclable packaging for products like the Swiffer Duster. Design Central has contributed to the Swiffer Duster family and packaging in its many iterations. Recently, Design Central teamed up with the team at P&G to create new packaging designs to reduce or entirely remove the plastic used in the packaging.

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Consumer
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience

Objective: Transform Swiffer Duster packaging from primarily plastic into 100% recyclable paper

Package redesign for an iconic product

The fluffy substrate of the Swiffer Duster is iconic and recognized worldwide. The original packaging developed by Design Central was a transparent plastic shell designed to highlight the quality of the duster's substrate and its effectiveness at picking up dust. After several years on the market, consumers were familiar with the product's use, assembly and storage, so Design Central focused on a recyclable package to support P&G's sustainability mission.

Prototyping evaluates production at scale

The biggest challenge with designing the new paper packaging was making sure it wasn’t more difficult to produce at scale. The previous plastic solution was efficient and effective, and the new sustainable alternative needed to achieve the same result. Many paper prototypes evaluated aspects such as size, capacity, durability and overall product communication leading to the final concept.

Benefits of 100% recyclable packaging

Swiffer Duster’s new package design is a pillow-pack container. Consumers can touch and feel the device at the point of purchase via the exposed duster handle that pushes through the bottom of the box. The one-hundred-percent recyclable package supports P&G sustainability goals and provides valuable billboard space to communicate Swiffer features and benefits – such as the substrate’s high-quality texture, assembly and use instructions.