Simple, safe and easy to use mister

Give your yard the all-clear with the lightweight, rechargeable Ortho AllClear Power Mister. It is designed to treat flying insects and bugs, garden pests, and plant disease in gardens, across landscapes, in greenhouses, and on patios. There is no smoke, no gas fumes, and no propane needed with the battery-powered Ortho AllClear Power Mister. The mister creates fast coverage, can go anywhere, and did we mention it’s rechargeable?  It sounds too good to be true, but the directive was to develop an easy and safe to use product. That is exactly what Design Central did. 

  • The Scotts Company
  • Consumer
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping

Objective: Develop an easy and safe to use mister that can be used anywhere outside the home.

Good idea, great product

Scotts/Ortho had a good idea to use a cold fogger technology, but it was up to Design Central to turn the idea into a great consumer product. Traditional foggers use propane, gasoline or electricity to heat liquid to be dispersed. The Ortho AllClear Power Mister uses innovative technology to mist liquid products without propane or heat. Design Central took this idea from a core technology through a process of concept development and prototypes to preproduction CAD. The success of a product is what consumers think, reviews are strong, and the first shipment of the Ortho AllClear Power Mister sold out in just a few weeks.

Ease of use is the key to a great product

The AllClear mister sprays up to 15 feet and covers up to 20,000 square feet per charge. To get to these numbers was a balancing act of optimizing run time and battery size with liquid capacity and total weight to get to a product that is easy for almost anyone to use. Placement of the major components such as the blower, the battery and the liquid tank was critical in creating a product that had proper weight distribution for all the positions the user would use while misting areas high and low.