Improving workflow efficiencies and maintaining market share with research

Medical diagnostic devices are essential in Midmark’s transition from selling singular products to providing leading workflow solutions. Midmark partnered with Design Central to improve workflow efficiencies of its diagnostic devices and secure its success in the market. Design Central researchers investigated Midmark’s Digital Spirometer, IQecg diagnostic devices and UX within the exam room workflow to outline opportunities and recommendations for improvement to guide Design Central designers in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the products.

  • Midmark Corporation
  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Product Design
  • User Experience

Objective: Enhance the workflow and functionality of Midmark’s diagnostic devices through research and design

Research guides understanding of caregiver challenges

Design Central researchers observed, interviewed and photographed medical professionals including medical assistants, cardiologists, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, general practitioners, registered nurses, c-level directors and IT support staff, to identify trends and best practices. Structured note-taking tools ensured accurate and unbiased documentation. Data was organized using pre-determined conventions and workflow analysis to keep facts consistent. The researchers developed a system to understand underlying motivations and perspectives of the unique user types and used the information to build an experience map representative of the user challenges, environments and tools.

Experience maps guide product improvement

Design Central designers used the experience map as a guide in developing focused concepts to improve the functionality and usability of the devices. Improvements for the spirometer include single-action, contaminate-free tube and mouthpiece loading and release functions for efficiency, intuitive load indicators for accurate readings, and easy to manipulate flexible covers with hinges and tabs. Designers integrated a tangle-free component for the ECG to aid lead separation and organization and designed a positive connector interlock to ensure clear signal indicators.