Communicating stealth and range by design

The Valentine One detector, developed with Design Central, has ranked at the top of its class for thirty years and continuously earns best-performer rankings in the market. Mike Valentine of Valentine Research asked long-time partner Design Central to help bring the next-generation product to market. Valentine One Generation 2 manifests the latest in radar detection technology and product development achievement.

  • Valentine Research
  • Consumer
  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience

Objective: Design and engineer a radar detector to communicate new technology and pay homage to iconic elements of the original

How to redefine an icon?

Identifying the V1 Gen2 as a Valentine, the gesture of the display addressing the driver and the iconic front, back, and side arrows had some givens.  Everything else about the user experience was open for innovation. How is the system used with gloves? Is there a way to keep the sun from washing out the graphics? How do we conceal the display when desired? Those were some of the questions our team asked. Extensive research, design, prototyping and testing the issues, and more.

Development expertise enhances user interface

The requirements of the display competed – it had to be glare-proof yet super-bright, with dead-front capabilities, and oh yes, have radar transparency. The details of the graphic overlay came together through a creative application of materials, diffusers, multiple inks, and manufacturing processes to get the job done.

How do you define perfection?

Collaboration between Design Central’s mechanical engineering and design teams focused on the details down to a minute level.  Once the concept was complete, every parting line, material selection, and finish was worked to a balance between perfection and obsession. Result: V1 Gen2 displays its new technology and superior detecting capabilities. >